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27 km & 989 m+ | Jaén 17.05.2021

The FLASH STAGE will be the only time trial (XCT) of the competition, and the shortest stage of all. With 24.55 kilometres and 870 metres of climbing, the ascent to El Neveral, the highest point of the stage at 995 metres, stands out. You will find a demanding stage with the typical orography of Jaén, with a long ascent and descent. The toughness of the terrain will make it a very attractive and fun stage to start this edition with a good feeling.

Highlight Points

Feed station - Km 18

ISB Kom – Km 12

El Neveral – Km 11

Route coordinates

Starting line 37.784551,-3.811604
ISB Point 37.763383,-3.843507
Feed station & mechanical area 37.781139,-3.847141
Finish line 37.784500,-3.813663


62,5 km & 2.250 m+ | Quiebrajano Reservoir 18.05.2021

This stage is located entirely in the southern mountains of Jaén and is notable for its two long climbs. With 64 kilometres and 2.250 metres of climbing, it stands out for the incredible panoramic views that will be enjoyed throughout the stage and at the top of the three main climbs. We will find long and stretched outings with some spectacular trial routes that will make all the mountain bikers enjoy. Here we will find different touches of the authentic Andalucía Bike Race of incredible trails and pure Mountain Bike.

Highlight points

Feed stations - Km 32, km 45

ISB Kom – Km 30

Route coordinates

Starting line 37.631820,-3.729795
ISB Point 37.573269,-3.676943
Feed station & mechanical area 1 37.571252,-3.671539
Feed station & mechanical area 2 37.640122,-3.679728
Time point 2 37.595981,-3.688522
Finish line 37.632728,-3.729123


71 km & 2.924 m+ | Jaén. 19.05.2021

We say goodbye to Jaén with a very typical stage of the orography of Jaén, with hard stretches but contrasting with the views that we will find. We will start from the Fuentezuelas Sports Complex (the same as in the Flash Stage) towards El Neveral, a mythical point that we already visited in Flash Stage, but ascending through El Pincho with technical and mythical Andalucía Bike Race trails. After this first ascent and 1.500 metres of altitude difference, we will start the different descents. It will be a stage that, although it may seem short, will be very physically demanding. The variety of terrain and flora will be the protagonist of the stage, so we will have to be careful not to suffer any incident and be able to reach Cordoba with strength.

Highlight Points

Feed stations - Km 20, km 37, Km 51

ISB Kom – Km 27

El Pincho – Km 27

Route coordinates

Starting line 37.784502,-3.813664
Feed station and mechanical zone 1 37.741597,-3.829008
ISB Point 37.736906,-3.848949
Liquid station km 37 37.737492,-3.894790
Feed station and mechanical zone 2 37.759800,-3.901159
Time point 2 37.781092,-3.847126
Finish lline 37.784502,-3.813664


64 km & 1.694 m+ | Córdoba. 20.05.2021

Located in the province of Córdoba, the Stage 4 will be a stage that will stand out for the toughness of the terrain where it will make a difference among the Mountain Bikers. We will climb the ascent to Arroyo de la Gitana, which has not been ridden in the Andalucía Bike Race since 2013.

Highlight points

Feed stations- Km 20, km 30, Km 46

ISB Kom – Km 25

Los Morales climbing – Km 8

Arroyo de la Gitana climbing – Km 24

Los Morales downhill – Km 48

Route coordinates

Starting line 37.905675,-4.773451
Liquid station and mechanical zone 1 37.892808,-4.823866
ISB Point 37.902376,-4.872369
Feed station 37.931787,-4.901110
Liquid feed station and mechanical zone 2 km 51 37.939035,-4.825210
Time point 2 37.938724,-4.846564
Finish line 37.903043,-4.778061


76km & 2.200 m+ | Córdoba. 21.05.2021

The Super Stage was the longest stage of this year's edition, but due to a reduction in distance due to health recommendations, it will be 77 km long, with the highlight being the climb to the mythical Reventón. A long stage, but once El Reventón is climbed, it becomes bearable and brings together the best of the Cordoba mountains, really showing the essence of the Andalucía Bike Race with easy and hard climbs and a lot of downhill trails.

Highlight points

Feed stations – Km 28, Km 55, Km 65

ISB Kom – Km 51

El Reventón – Km 49

Route coordinate

Starting line 37.889529,-4.816117
Liquid station and mechanical zone 1 37.938609,-4.917275
ISB Point 37.917817,-4.829762
Liquid station and mechanical zone 2 km 55 37.940547,-4.825363
Feed station km 65 37.948886,-4.816095
Finish line 37.903042,-4.778063


48,3 km & 1.230 m+ | Córdoba. 22.05.2021

The Finisher stage stands out to have fun and to finish the Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin with a smile on your face. The stage starts with an enjoyable area in Santo Domingo zone with flats to climb La Loma de los Escalones, which in the previous stage we raced as a downhill, to reach the highest point of the stage, Arrastraculos. From there we head to the periurban park of Los Villares to descend Las Conejeras with a descent that will renew to undertake the last kilometres towards the finish line passing through Los Morales and the wonderful and fun trails of Santo Domingo.

Highlight points

Feed stations– Km 18, Km 29

ISB Kom – Km 17

Arrastraculos Climbing – Km 17

Las Conejeras Downhill– Km 31

Route coordinate

Starting line 37.905676,-4.773452
ISB Point 37.987620,-4.768831
Feed station km18 37.996400,-4.769302
Liquid station and mechanical zone km29 37.948886,-4.816095
Time point km39 37.948040,-4.795303
Finish line 37.903043,-4.778059





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