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A total of 387,36 km and 8,408 meters of climbing.

STAGE 1 (XCT) - Linares - 25.02.2018 - 32,66 km // 415 m+

For third year in a row Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano will begin with an individual time trial. It will be a very similar course to the last stage of the past edition, along Linares’ mining district, showing numerous easy and fun singletrails. A fast and bursting stage, ideal to loosen up the body, get racing pace and define the starting order for next day.


STAGE 2 (XCM) - Linares - 26.02.2018 - 71,27 km // 1.164 m+

A new and unprecedent stage for Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano. From Linares, you’ll go and return to Baños de la Encina, bordering the Rumblar reservoir along its adyacent singletails. A rolling stage that will finish riding on some of Linares’ mining district singletrails.


STAGE 3 (XCM) - Andújar - 27.02.2018 - 70,14 km // 1.794 m+

A mythical stage of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano that will again serve as the transition day between the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba. This time with a new location, start and finish to the town. The long climb along La Centenera to Virgen de la Cabeza will preceed the Caracolillos twisty descend, followed by the Madroño demanding climb to end up descending Camino Viejo. A stage to begin to set differences.


BUFF® STAGE (XCM) - Córdoba - 28.02.2018 - 99,84 km // 2.331 m+

Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano will celebrate the Day of Andalusia on a large scale. The queen stage, that in this edition it becomes BUFF® Stage, will be carried out on the most iconic stretches of its mountain range. From downtown, you’ll climb the Reventón and then ride through Trasierra, descending to nearby the city along Monte Cobre and immediately climb again to Santa María de Trasierra and head to Las Jaras and Los Villares golf course. The road will be used to transition to Cerro Muriano, giving some rest to the mountain bikers, from where one of the longest and most demanding downhills will begin, and conclude with Santo Doming’s flowy and fun singletrails. A stage which is expected to be full of spectators cheering the riders.


STAGE 5 (XCM) - Villaviciosa de Córdoba - 01.03.2018 - 53,35 km // 1.364 m+

An unprecedent venue for Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano with a route that outstands for its landscapes and the stretch along the shore of the Puente Nuevo reservoir, in its middle section. The first half is very fast and the second part of the stage will be decisive, specially the tough climb to Los Mirabuenos. After a technical downhill, you’ll return nearby the town to climb the Aire mountain pass and do a final technical desecend.

STAGE 6 (XCM) - Córdoba - 02.03.2018 - 55,78 km // 1.021 m+

The eightth edition of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano will conclude with a recital of awesome singletrails. From downtown, you’ll ride along the Guadalmellato channel to enter the sierra climbing La Canchuela. You’ll cross Trasierra to reach Las Jaras and descend towards Los Morales along Conejeras and finish the stage riding Santo Domingo’s unbelieveable singletrails, that had not been used yet in this edition.





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