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Andalucía Bike Race 2019 will start in Linares (Jaén) and finish in Córdoba, after six sensational days of competition. The stages will be divided evenly between the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba. More information, coming soon.

Stage 1 - 8th April 2019 - XCT - Linares (Jaén).

Stage 2 - 9th April 2019 - XCM - Linares (Jaén).

Stage 3 - 10th April 2019 - XCM - Andújar (Jaén).

Stage 4 - 11th April 2019 - XCM- Villafranca de Córdoba.

Stage 5- 12th April 2019 - XCM - Córdoba.

Stage 6 - 13th April 2019 - XCM - Córdoba.

It will continue to be an individual and world-class format competition according to the criteria of the International Cycling Union (UCI). A unique race in Spain and the most outstanding in the world thanks to its impressive tour, exceptional services, comfortable accommodations and unbeatable price.





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