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06 Nov 2019

Do you have doubts with the race logistics?

We advise you some options

If you travel by plane, you can choose one of the three Airports from Andalucía: Seville, Granada or Malaga. We recommend to travel from Granada airport by proximity and move to Jaén by car (62 minutes, 97 km)

Check the venues, here

Check the recommended accomodation, here


We resolve your doubts

We recommend staying in two locations: one in the province of Jaén or nearby, and in the province of Córdoba or in the capital.

Province of Jaén: February 24-27

Province of Córdoba: from February 27 to March 1


Monday 24th February

  • Riders' arrival and registration
  • Stay in Jaén or nearby to dispute the first three stages.


Tuesday 25th February

  • Stage 1 starts from Jaén


Wednesday 26th February

  • Stage 2 starts from Jaén


Thursday 27th February

  • Move to Andújar (45 minutes by car, 40 km)
  • Stage 3 starts from Andújar 
  • At the afternoon, move to Córdoba to race the third last stages. From Andújar to Córdoba there are 60 minutes by car, 80 km


Friday, 28th February

  • Move from Córdoba to Priego de Córdoba
  • Fourth stage starts from Priego de Córdoba


Saturday, 29th Ferbuary 29 

  • Fifth stage starts from Córdoba 


Sunday 1st March

  • Sixth stage starts from Córdoba




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