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31 Mar 2019

Membrillo El Quijote in Yellow Shot format

A total of 6000 quince portions will be distributed among all the stages

Mountain Bikers will enjoy Membrillo El Quijote (quince) in the Yellow Shot format, more manageable and easly transported. To facilitate the use by athletes, the company has found the ideal format for the competition in monodose. The pills are made of quince pulp, sugar cane and water. A 100% natural product that acts as an energy recovery. The product will go in a format of 20 grams wrapped individually and that does not stain. 


A success story

The company from Puente Genil, Córdoba, is specialized in making sweet quince. This sweet, an important element of the Mediterranean diet for its great nutritional contributions, has made MEMBRILLO EL QUIJOTE S.A. the most important company in Spain dedicated to the manufacture of creams and sweet fruits and with a notable presence in international markets, exporting more than 10% of its production to countries such as United States, Canada, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium , Holland, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Morocco, South Africa, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, China and Israel.

Given the success of the Membrillo El Quijote product in its Yellow Shot format, it can be confirmed that it will also be present at La Rioja Bike Race and Catalunya Bike Race 2019.





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