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23 Mar 2019

“A magical and fantastic race!”

Gerard Farrés already raced Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén, and now repeats as training for his season.

You return to Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén...

I have very good memories of Andalucía Bike Race since I enjoyed it a lot. Incredible singletracks and especially the warmth of the spectators cheering you on each climb and descent. It was magical! It’s like a Dakar but on a bicycle, where you suffer a lot, but at the same time you enjoy it and fight every day to finish the stage.

You face the race...

Now that I live in Finland and that I nearly don’t see the sun during winter, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the superb Andalusian weather. I haven’t trained for three months and it was the perfect decision to get back in shape. The psychological part is fundamental and I’m very good at it, so I believe I’ll finish the race and do what I must, the best I can. I’m aware that it will be a hard training, I’ll suffer but, it will be fantastic!


It’s success is due to…

It adapts to all levels, from the most professional to the most amateur, especially for the variety of terrain it has. Its beauty is that we can all enjoy it, each one at your level. The fabulous weather, the Andalusian gastronomy, the incredible landscapes, the technical sections, a beautiful environment, the spectators and the companionship there is within a resistance race like Andalucía Bike Race.

What you most value of the race...

The purpose is the same as in a Dakar: the challenge of being able to achieve it, of overcoming yourself and all the adversities that you face, and enjoying everything in this great race. The feed stations were perfect and the marking flawless. The professionalism that the race has due to the organisers, makes people come and enjoy to the fullest.

An unforgettable memory of your last participation in the race

For riders like me, that riding in Andalucía Bike Race is a hobby, to be able to have the spectators cheering you on each climb is magical. I think that in this kind of races, those who make them great are the people that around them, and I’m super grateful to all of them and eager to relive these feelings.





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