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17 Feb 2023

Maximum equality in the women's category at the 13th edition of the event

Lithuania's Katazina Sosna and Germany's Irina Lützelschwab are the favourites, but the women's category is always full of surprises.

Last year's edition, where Lüthi and Wakefield dominated with an iron fist, was certainly an exception compared to recent editions. The women's category has always been synonymous with equality and great battles. This year, on paper, everything points to the fact that every detail will count for the final victory.

A priori, the pair formed by Katazina Sosna and Irina Lützelschwab sounds like the strongest, but Stefanie Dohrn and Lejla Njemčević have already demonstrated their power in previous editions. Who has been demonstrating it so far this season is the new signing of BUFF Megamo Team, the Swiss Janina Wust, who will compete alongside the Catalan Txell Figueras.

We will have to see how the new Cannondale TB pair formed by Estonian Greete Steinburg and Colombian Mónica Calderón complements each other. Both know what it's like to win, so it wouldn't be surprising to see them take the top spots.

Constanza Fasolis and Chiara Burato, as well as Bettina Janas and Adelheid Morath, are also sure to be in the lead.

It's a close race, but only one pair can win. Who will it be?






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