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STAGE 1 - 59.46 kilometers and 2,237 m+

An opening day with start and finish in Bedmar, one of the great novelties of this edition. This first stage will start in the direction of the Cuadros Recreational Area, to reach the Caño del Aguadero and the Fuente del Espino. From there you will go in search of Los Gamellones to reach the municipality of Albanchez de Mágina. The Las Viñas path will take you back to Bedmar and will leave you speechless and through Los Cuadros, once again, you will reach the finish line. The first long and hard climb at the start will set everyone’s tone.

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STAGE 2 - 64.79 kilometers and 2,227 m+

We will leave Bedmar behind and settle in Jaén to experience two incredible stages. In the first one we will leave in the direction of Pegalajar, we will go up to the Mirador de las Siete Pilillas to enjoy several beautiful trails before heading towards Mancha Real. Once there, you will return to Pegalajar, where you will find the feed zone and mechanical assistance point, via La Guardia de Jaén. Not because of its mileage, but because of its physical and technical demands, this second day is designed as the queen stage of the 14th edition of the Andalucía Bike Race by GARMIN as far as Jaén is concerned. The Minado trail will be another of the key points of this day.

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STAGE 3 - 40.25 kilometers and 1,395 m+

Second stage in Jaén, in the middle of the Día de Andalucía and with El Neveral as the protagonist. A shorter stage to recover from the previous day and get ready for what is to come in Cordoba. We can assure you that you are going to have a great time on a route that many of you already know, but that doesn't mean you won't be surprised. An endless number of trails, with some new additions that will allow you to finish the stage relatively soon to move to the next stop and on the way to the Cordoba area. The Senda Conejera has our signature below.

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STAGE 4 - 57.61 kilometers and 1,482 m+

Next stop: Villafranca de Córdoba!

The town of Cordoba has almost become a regular feature of our race, thanks to the routes and the possibilities it offers. On this occasion, the stage will finish in Villafranca, but Adamuz will play an important role in it. You will set off in the direction of Fuente Agria to find Pedro Abad and take the Vereda del Carpio. You will reach Adamuz, where you will find the first feed zone . Along la Vereda del Carpio, in the direction of Meca, you will reach La Sierrezuela. These are some of the important points you will pass through during this fourth stage, as well as El Polvorín, El Bucle or the Cordel de Villanueva to return to Villafranca. For those of you who have already taken part in previous editions, the areas where the time trial usually took place will be covered and new sections will be added for you to enjoy even more. However, the stage will still be pure XCO in an XCM format, with constant climbs and descents that will push you to the limit.

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SKODA SUPER STAGE - 88.66 kilometers and 1,828 m+

Córdoba, it's your turn. With almost 100 kilometers to go, Cordoba will welcome you to enjoy your favourite sport. The stage will start off in the direction of El Reventón, uphill, along the Guadalmellato canal, to look for the Torre de las Siete Esquinas and pass through the El Cruce housing estate. The route then climbs up an unpublished ascent to Santa María de Trasierra. After the Cortijo El Caño Trassiera, the Vereda de Trassiera, the Mirador de Las Niñas and the Camino de la Dehesilla, we will look for the paths in Santo Domingo to reach the Asomadilla. There will be an unpublished section, so make a note of it: La Senda de la Bastida.

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FINISHER STAGE - 27.93 kilometers and 821 m+

And here is another of the great novelties of this edition. A time trial to decide the new winners of the Andalucía Bike Race by GARMIN. A day in the surroundings of Santo Domingo. From the Asomadilla Park you will leave in the direction of the Mirabueno Club, cross the Arroyo Pedroche to return to Santo Domingo and alternate different spectacular trails, without a single flat metre, to return to the Asomadilla and crown the winners.

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