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14 Feb 2023

Being the fastest in your category will be awarded the ISB Sport Award

Each stage will have a marked ISB Sport mountain pass where being the fastest will be rewarded.

Many of you will already be familiar with the concept of the "ISB Sport Mountain Award", or at least you will have seen its flags along the course. What do they mean? Basically, that you are passing the marked point where "being the fastest" will be rewarded financially.

All the couple teams participating in this 13th edition of the Andalucía Bike Race by GARMIN will be eligible for this recognition, depending on the category in which they participate. In other words, stage 1 will recognize one category, while stage 2 will give the opportunity to another, and so on through the six stages.

How will the prizes be distributed?

Stage 1: Mixed Category

Stage 2: Master 50 Men

Stage 3: Master 40 Men

Stage 4: Master 30 Men

Skoda Super Stage: Elite Men

Oakley Finisher Stage: Elite Women

What will be the prize?

The winners of this section will be awarded, after the stage, with a prize of 200 euros. In other words, the ISB Sport Bearings brand will allocate a total of €1,200 in prize money for the 'ISB Mountain Award'.

Thus, ISB Sport continues to support cycling and giving continuity to its support for the Mountain Bike stage races.






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