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22 Dec 2022

The 13th edition has already confirmed the venues

Torredelcampo, Jaén, Villafranca de Córdoba and Córdoba

The 13th edition of the Andalucía Bike Race by GARMIN will be held in 4 venues in the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba. As already announced, we will start in Torredelcampo, which will undoubtedly be one of the great novelties of this edition. 

The next stop will be Jaén, which will be held the next following two days, departing from the Cathedral. Its immense seas of olive trees will once again delight the participants. 

After reaching the halfway point of the event, and in view of the success of last year's edition, you will beat the clock in Villafranca de Córdoba. With respect to what was published in summer, finally stage 4 will be again in Villafranca de Córdoba, discarding for sporting and logistical reasons the town of Rute. From the organization, we would like to thank the collaboration and willingness shown to those responsible for Rute, and especially to its mayor, Mr. Antonio Ruiz, for the efforts made for the Córdoba town to be present at the event. In this way, the Andalucía Bike Race by GARMIN will be considered for future editions.  

The end of the party, in style, will be in Córdoba to the delight of all of you. An amusement park will close an edition of which we will be revealing more details soon.

Check the details of the routes here.






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