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09 Feb 2022

A renewed Willier Triestina - Pirelli Factory Team returns ready to fight for the victory

The Italian team returns with a new rider, the Belgian XCM Champion, Wout Alleman.

The Italian team means showtime. After winning in the 2020 edition with Fabian Rabensteiner, the transalpine team returns ready to get back the crown they ceded in the last edition. To do so, they have signed the current Belgian XCM Champion, Wout Alleman, who will team up with the Italian XCM Champion, Fabian Rabensteiner.

"I come with a renewed team, new sponsors and a new strong teammate. We got to know each other a bit better at the Training Camp in Altea and now I am curious to know how we will work together in the race. We will probably have our little "problems" at the beginning to understand each other perfectly, but I think we will understand each other soon and we will make a strong team", Rabensteiner admits.

For his part, Wout Alleman recognizes that although last year he was very strong, luck was not on his side but that this year he faces it with a very good preparation and doing it next to Rabensteiner gives him security. "Fabian is a really strong and experienced rider and already won the Andalucia Bike race once. So I am really happy to team up with him. His experience will be usefull during this race. Fabian will be the one that can calm me down in a difficult situation and that can make the right decissions at the right time. I think we can do really well together as we are similar riders and understand each other really well".

In addition, last year's edition served him to learn that "One thing I learned from last year is to never give up and stay calm in every situation. Especially in a long stage race like Andalucia Bike Race".

The renewed Willier Triestina-Pirelli will also count on the old guard, such as six-time Italian XCM Champion Samuele Porro and three-time Austrian XCM Champion Daniel Geismayr. Both already know what it's like to compete in the Andalucia Bike Race by GARMIN and win a stage victory, as last year they took the second stage victory. Unfortunately, both suffered crashes and had to retire.

If luck is with them this time, they will put on a show during the six days of competition. 






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