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08 Feb 2022

Four amazing jerseys!

GOBIK is the official textile of Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin

GOBIK will design and produce the official jersey for the 12th Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin. In this edition we will have 4 jerseys designed by Gobik: the first will be part of the welcome pack for each participant, the second will identify the leading couple during the six stages, the third will be worn by the best time in the Garmin segment and the fourth will be at the sale through the different Gobik channels (online and retail), combined with other pieces from its own collection. Available from this Friday February 11th.

The Finisher gift for all those who cross the last finish line of the competition will be exclusive GOBIK socks with the image of the competition that will not be for sale. In this way, all those who manage to finish this edition will win unique and limited edition socks. GOBIK will be present in all the Mountain Bike events organized by Octagon Esedos, in a global agreement where both brands seek to create a similar corporate line for the 4 national Mountain Bike events.

Aitor Jiménez, Director of Events at Octagon Esedos: “It is great news to have reached an agreement with Gobik as it is one of the most powerful textile companies at a national level and many cyclists who race to our events wear its brand. In this way, we begin a synergy with a national reference brand that is also a reference for most of those who attend the Bike Race by Octagon Esedos”.

On behalf of Gobik, Gino Dona, celebrates this new opportunity because "it is a very sought-after agreement on our part, we must not forget that Octagon, promoter of this calendar, is one of the most important organizers in Spain" Gino begins by explaining Dona, Brand manager of Gobik.






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