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20 Jan 2022

A renewed DMT RACING TEAM is back with a vengeance in its sights

After last year's edition where the results were not as expected, the team led by Andrea Marconi arrives with new faces and with the desire to be protagonists again.

The mere presence of the double XCM European Champion and XCM World Champion, Tiago Ferreira and the DMT RACING TEAM, ensures a great show. The three-time winner of the Andalucía Bike Race by GARMIN returns and does so forgetting what happened in the last edition, where several technical problems left him out of contention in the general classification. "I don't live in the present thinking about the past! 2021 was what it was, but in 2022 many things have changed for the better, I myself will be better and stronger to face ABR 2022", acknowledges Ferreira.

Eager to win his fourth crown, the Portuguese will form a new partnership. After doing it in the last edition with the Belgian Wout Alleman, in 2022 he will compete with the Spaniard Miguel Muñoz. The Cordovan is one of the great novelties of a renewed DMT RACING TEAM. "It will be my seventh participation and this year it has an added value, not only for racing with one of the best XCM teams at international level but also for doing it with Tiago Ferreira. He has always been and is one of my idols in MTB. I'm very excited to participate and race with him. I am sure I will learn a lot from this great cyclist and person. I'm preparing very well to be at his level, I think the two of us will form a good tandem. He will bring a lot of experience to the team and I will bring the best of myself, especially in the races in my homeland... Córdoba", says an excited Muñoz.

The couple team formed by Ferreira and Muñoz, will not be the only one that the DMT RACING TEAM will have on the starting line next February 21st in Jaén. They will be joined by young riders Pedro Lage and Filipe Francisco. As for the Brazilian Lage, he arrives as one of the great hopes of the Brazilian MTB, while Filipe Francisco already has a U23 Portuguese Championship in his palmares, won in 2020.

Another newly formed pair, with youth as a common denominator, but eager to contribute their bit to the ultimate goal.

For the 12th edition, Andrea Marconi is confident of following a single strategy: "We will always try to be protagonists and always give the best of ourselves. The ABR is one of the toughest stage races in the world and one of the most popular in the media. Knowing that in some way we can be protagonists and have the spotlight on our athletes is gratifying and stimulates us to always do better, even if the results are not always guaranteed".







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