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16 Nov 2021

Registrations open! Be quick and take advantage of the launch offer!

Entry fee promotion for the first 100 couple teams to register at a price of 690€.

Registrations are now available for Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin 2022, which will be held from 21 to 26 February in the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba, and which will be the first competition of the UCI MTB Marathon Series calendar, made up of 8 international races.

Registrations will be limited to 800 participants (400 couple teams), with a registration fee of 690 € for the first 100 pairs to register, or until 10 December 2021.

After this date, or when the quota of the first 100 teams is reached, the price will rise to €790 until 13 February 2022 - the closing date for registration - or until all available slots will sold-out. 

The competition will be made up of 6 stages, where there will be 5 marathon stages and 1 time trial  stage. As a novelty, the time trial will be the fourth one, which will be held in Villafranca de Córdoba, and which serves as a link to Córdoba capital.

As already announced, Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin will start in Jaén and finish in Córdoba, with the first two stages taking place in Jaén city, the third in Andújar, the fourth in Villafranca de Córdoba and the last two in Córdoba city.

There will be seven categories available (UCI Marathon Series Men, UCI Marathon Series Women, Master 30 Men, Master 40 Men, Master 50 Men, Master Women and Mixed), and it is compulsory to participate in couple teams.

Registrations will be made through the official website, www.andaluciabikerace.com, having to make a single double registration (adding the personal data of the two participants), and payment per couple.

Check here the regulation for all the details of this 12th edition.

PAY ATTENTION! All participants in Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin 2022 must present the COVID Passport or COVID Digital Certificate validated by the European Union. In case of not having it, a negative PCR of less than 48 hours must be presented on the day of bib collection.

Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin will once again feature fun and mythical trails such as El Reventón, Los Morales, or Los Caracolillos, among many others, being a good way to get to know what Andalucía has to offer, in addition to the good atmosphere and good weather when in northern Europe it is snowing,  here in Spain the temperature is close to 10-12ºC. 






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