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18 May 2021

New leaders after an unprecedented start at the Quiebrajano Reservoir

Samuele Porro and Daniel Geismayr, Katazina Sosna and Stefanie Dohrn

The spectacular Quiebrajano Reservoir in the southern mountains of Jaén province was the backdrop for Stage 2 of the Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin. Today’s stage featured 62.52 kilometers with 2,250 meters of elevation gain set against two long climbs punctuated by steep terrain.

A lead group in the men's category broke free early in the stage and clung to its position out in front until almost the end of the race. The race-favorite riders formed a peloton in the first kilometers of the initial climb, and then proceeded to trim riders as racers jockeyed for the lead.

Trek Pirelli racers, Samuele Porro and Daniel Geismayr, escaped in the day’s final stretch to arrive in first place by the finish at the Embalse del Quiebrajano. They were joined on the podium by yesterday's winners, Urs Huber and Simon Schneller, of Team Bulls, while Buff Scott MTB riders, José Dias and Hans Becking, crossed the finish line in third place.

Stage winners, Porro and Geismayr, who became the new race leaders, declared at the finish how well they felt during the race.

"Like the other riders, we went out conservatively because of the heat, but I felt very comfortable during the stage. We didn't want to spend too much thinking about what we have left," said Daniel Geismayr.

For his part, Samuele Porro emphasized that "now that we have the leader's jersey – even if tomorrow is a surprise – we have another stage in which we will go out and defend the jersey."

A change in the lead also went down in the women's category as well, with Katazina Sosna and Stefanie Dohrn of Torpado Sudtirol taking the leader's jersey after their victory today. The two riders shared most of the stage with Hildegunn Hovdenak and Janine Schneider of Tysk-Norge, who finished second, which is also the position they occupy in the general classification. Monday's winners, the Swiss racer, Irina Lutzelschwab, and Sweden's Jennie Stenerhag of ABRO-Knippcycling Schär Gärten finished in third.

In post-stage statements, the winners explained how they faced the day.

"We started the stage very calmly – watching how the other riders were positioning themselves until we found our rhythm. On the second climb of the day, we decided to attack and from there we went for the victory," explained Stefanie Dohrn.

Now that they are the race leaders, Katazina Sosna commented that, "We will try to keep the leader’s jersey, but we will manage our efforts because the stages are very long."

The third stage will be the last to take place in the province of Jaén. With a total distance of 71 kilometers and 2,924 meters of elevation gain, it will be a stage that, although it may seem short, will be physically demanding due to the climb up the legendary El Pincho. The varying terrain and surrounding flora will literally set the stage before heading to Córdoba for a strong finish. The stage start will be at the Las Fuentezuelas Sports Complex at 9 am.


STAGE 2 Rankings UCI Marathon Series Men

1 Samuele Porro - Daniel Gesimayr TREK PIRELLI || 02:42:06

2 Urs Huber - Simon Schneller TEAM BULLS || 02:42:34

3 Hans Becking - José Dias BUFF SCOTT MTB || 02:42:37


STAGE 2 Rankings UCI Marathon Series Women

1 Katazina Sosna - Stefanie Regina TORPADO SUDTIROL || 03:23:35

2 Hildegunn Hovdenak - Janine Shcneider TYSK-NORGE || 03:26:05

3 Irina Lutzelschwab - Jennie Stenerhag ABRO-Knippcycling Schär

Gärten || 03:37:17






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