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15 May 2021


The best two tyres to face Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin

PIRELLI, official tyre sponsor of Andalucía Bike Race by GARMIN advises you the best tyres to get on your wheels in order to face the competition with total guarantee and safety. A total of 6 days in which the tyres, as well as the hydration, the nutrition and knowing how to manage yourself, make the difference.

Given that the weather conditions can be changeable, the terrain can be affected. Therefore, a multi-purpose tyre, effective for dry and wet terrain and able to adapt to more rolling terrain as well as more technical areas, is the best option.

Jaén has a dry climate and terrain, where there is usually sand and loose terrain during the 3 days. But at the same time we find more stony areas where the behaviour of a tyre makes the difference.

Córdoba has almost identical weather conditions, but its terrain is more singletrack, with fast and compact trails. This is most of the route of the last 3 stages of Andalucía Bike Race by GARMIN.

PIRELLI Scorpion XC M for front wheel and PIRELLI Scorpion XC H for rear wheel

So, for both parts of the competition, we can define that the ideal tyre would be one that works perfectly in pedalling areas but performs in technical areas. Thus, PIRELLI's choice is the PIRELLI Scorpion XC M and the PIRELLI Scorpion XC H. Both tyres are very versatile. They have an excellent grip and an optimal tread surface for pedalling without losing traction and manoeuvrability. They are the most suitable tyres for XC M or stage races where durability also plays an important role.

But the specific characteristics make each one more suitable for one wheel or another. For the front wheel the PIRELLI Scorpion XC M, a tyre with more space between lugs to increase manoeuvrability; or for the rear wheel the PIRELLI Scorpion XC H, a tyre for variable terrain but where speed remains a key element.






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