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10 May 2021

MASQUEBICI will carry out the official mechanical service

Free service for registered

All riders can go to the MASQUEBICI tent to resolve their mechanical breakdown. In the paddock there will always be two MASQUEBICI mechanics 1 hour before each start and two mechanics at the refreshment stations marked as the technical area of the route to help resolve any technical problems that may arise in the middle of the stage.

This is a free service for all participants and does not include spare parts that need to be changed. They must be paid on arrival at the finish line in the MASQUEBICI tent.

If at the end of each stage you need to go to the MASQUEBICI tent located at the Paddock, this service will not be free, it costs 0.75€/minute plus the necessary spare parts.

In addition, MASQUEBICI also offers the official massage service of the competition, with the option of hiring the daily physiotherapy service by going to this area located at the paddock, being also possible to hire massages for the whole week or the VIP mechanics for all the stages.

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