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03 May 2021


The last year’s edition winner is ready to win back

  • Winner of the last edition of Andalucia Bike Race you demonstrated a high level from the first stage winning and standing out in the overall. What made you do so well?

I think the track was so adaptable for my characteristics, and normally I can keep a good level for several days in a row... last year I had a perfect preparation during the winter without any unforeseen events and everything went perfect.


  • What do you highlight from the last edition of Andalucia Bike Race: routes, organization, teams, landscape, services, riders atmosphere?

For me, the whole thing comes together. A combination of nice tracks, good organisation, a good atmosphere and strong international riders to compete with.


  • In your opinion, where does Andalucia Bike Race stand out?

I think ABR has made a big name for itself in recent years with a consistently high level of attendance.


  • What do you remember like most about Andalucia Bike Race?

The beautiful tracks with beautiful landscapes amidst the olives trees


  • This upcoming edition is in pairs, and you will compete with Michele Casagrande, who also participated in the last edition and with whom you have teamed up in other competitions such as Cape Epic. What do you think you have to do to win the overall?

I think that Michele also likes this event very much and has already shown in previous years with some stage wins. Also we know each other well and a few glances sometimes are enough to understand each other


  • What will be the strong point of the Trek Pirelli team?

I think our experience in XCO helps us a lot and also that we’ll compete with more than one strong pair that can fight for the podium.


  • Team Trek Pirelli will also be formed by Samuele Porro and Daniel Geismayr (6th last edition). What will be the aim of the whole team?

We can certainly help each other out and then we'll have to see how the race goes and change our strategy based on that.


  • To approach and guide the amateur participants, what kind of bike and tyres will you use for Andalucia Bike Race by Garmin?

I'd definitely go for a full suspension bike with fast tyres if it's dry, but if it's raining you have to consider. In that case it will depend on the track conditions.


  • The Covid19 has forced you to be many months without competing, how have you lived the pandemic?

    I've been at home a lot compared to other years and I've tried to keep in shape even though it's not always easy... I've tried to do the best I could and not lose motivation.


  • We hope that this season 2021 you will be able to participate in more competitions than in 2020, what are your goals for this season?
  • We hope to compete more and above all without having to change several times the schedule for date moving or worse still cancellation of races...

    Certainly an objective is to be strong at the UCI Marathon Series and the World Marathon which takes place in Italy this year. So, it’s always a great goal and a dream to wear the tricolor jersey of the Italian marathon championships.






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