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01 Mar 2020

Fabian Rabensteiner and Eva Lechner are the winners of the Tenth Edition

Léandre Bouchard and Mariske Strauss claim their first stage victories in the BUFF® FINISHER STAGE in the men's and women’s category respectively

The Italian, Fabian Rabensteiner (Team Trek - Pirelli), is the new winner of the 2020 Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén. As he has shown us his strength and good form all week, Rabensteiner finished second behind Leandre Bouchard (Pivot Cycles - OTE) in the BUFF FINISHER STAGE. German Ben Zwiehoff (Team Centurion - Vaude) and Bouchard completed the podium in the general classification for elite men. The Canadian Bouchard took third place with a 38-second advantage when he overtook the Italian, Francesco Failli (ADS Cicli Taddei), winner of two stages in this edition.

After lifting the trophy, Rabensteiner said: “I’m very happy about this win. I don’t expect this victory. We come here for training, but my shape was just very good at the beginning, so after the second stage when I won I go full gas for the general and I’m really happy”. And he added: “It’s not easy to stay always in front, to have the control of the race, but we train very well this winter also in the training camps and this helps a lot”.

In the women's category, the big winner in the tenth edition was another Italian, Eva Lechner (Trinx Factory Team). Throughout today’s race, Lechner took care to manage her advantage over Janika Loiv (Estonia National Team) without yielding any chances to her rival. Second in the final classification was Estonia’s Loiv, and third Mariske Strauss (CST Postnl Bafang MTB Racing Team), who won this last stage.

Lechner was very satisfied: “Actually, I’m super happy but I’m also super happy that is finished because the last two days were tough for me. Fiscally, my healthy was not really well since yesterday. So, it was lot to fight but I’m so happy to manage to finish the race. To go home with the victory that’s a really great feeling and I’m super happy for about it”.

The BUFF® FINISHER STAGE started with a group of six riders on the front: Leandre Bouchard, Ben Zwiehoff, Fabian Rabensteiner (leader), Daniel Geismayr, Iván Díaz, and Tiago Ferreira. The group stayed together until kilometer 40, which rolled over the infamous abandoned train track (Almorchón). There, Zwiehoff had problems with his chain and got left behind together with his teammate Geismayr. Ultimately this mechanical mishap failed to cost him second place in the general classification. Upon entering the Parque de la Asomadilla in the final stretch, Bouchard left in search of the stage win with a big change to his pace, while Rabensteiner held back in order to maintain his advantage, which was never in danger. Third place went to Spaniard Iván Díaz.

Bouchard commented that: “I was more working for the General Classification, but I knew that by the process it could be also a chance of winning. I really get it on the downhill and I put pressure. Not many people were capable of following me. I walked alone at the front put most time as possible on Failli and then it came up that I was very close to the win as well and I was able to grab it finally”.

In the women's category, Mariske Strauss set the pace from the start and, at kilometer 20, she went in search of the stage win. Katazina Sosna (Torpado-Südtirol MTB Pro Team) was second. Arriving third and fourth, race favorites Eva Lechner and Janika Loiv took their battle in the general classification to the finish line. The Italian was keeping a keen eye on her rival at all times and finished third – a result that crowned her champion of this tenth edition.

After her victory, Strauss spoke about this edition of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén: "It was a good event and a good race. It started a little rough, had a mechanical on the first day which made me lose twelve minutes, but yeah, stage racing. And then I try to keep the consistent and work add it. And my bike was absolutely amazing, my eagle flew over today stage, so really enjoyed that”.

Overall Ranking - Men

1- Fabian Rabensteiner (Team Trek – Pirelli) 15:08:42

2- Ben Zwiehoff (Team Centurion – Vaude) 15:12:41

3- Leandre Bouchard (Pivot Cycles – OTE) 15:14:33

Stage classification


1- Leandre Bouchard (Pivot Cycles – OTE) 02:15:43

2- Fabian Rabensteiner (Team Trek – Pirelli) 02:15:50

3- Iván Díaz (Cultbikes - Specialized) 02:16:54


Overall Ranking - Women

1. Eva Lechner (Trinx Factory Team) 18:34:40

2. Janika Loiv (National Team Estonia) 18:38:30

3. Mariske Strauss (CST Postnl Bafang MTB Razing Team) 18:40:42

Stage Classification


1. Mariske Strauss (CST Postnl Bafang MTB Razing Team) 02:40:30

2. Katazina Sosna (Torpado – Sudtirol MTB-PRO Team) 02:45:16

3. Eva Lechner (Trinx Factory Team) 02:45:36



1. Tommaso Vanni (INDEPENDIENTE)                      16:42:14

2. Luis Alberto Martínez (BICICLETAS PINA)             17:07:03

3. Iván Vargas (ANIMAL RACE AUTOBOSS)             17:17:19


1. José Maria Guerrero Ortega (OLYMPIA FACTIRY CYCLING TEAM)           16:34:06

2. Juan Pedro Trujillo (JUAN PEDRO TRUJILLO, C.D.C)                                 16:55:39

3. Massimo Debertolis (WILIE 7C FORCE)                                                        17:08:54


1. David Franco Murcia (JUAN ZURANO)                                                           17:48:31

2. Jan Weevers (MIJNBAD LIV/GIANT AMBASSADORS TEAM)                       18:23:13

3. Peter Vesel (PROADVENTURA-TORQFITNESS)                                            18:23:40


1. Azahara Pozuelo (SEVEN BIKES CD)                                        23:26:17

2. Luisa Cuenco (ANIMAL RACE AUTOBOSS)                              24:18:38

3. Lilian Soriano )EDELWEISS LAGUARTA BIKES)                       24:54:27







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