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12 Feb 2018

“My goals are to enjoy and contend the race”

Sandra Santanyes is the only woman who has raced all editions of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano

The mountain biker will race for Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano for the eighth time. She’s the only woman who has been in every edition, besides winning in 2014 partnering with Clàudia Galicia, and being on the podium in other ocassions.

“It’s a really attractive race because of its six days. I was told about the event before it came out, when it was still a project and hence I feel it as mine since its beginning. Additionally this format allows you to discover an unknown Andalusia and from another point of view and perspective”, explain Santanyes.

Six times MTB Marathon (XCM) Spanish champion, the Olympia Factory Cycling cyclists, is proud of the evolution of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano.“I’m very happy it has gained worldwide recognition. Mountain biking is mty passion and it allows you to discover new things every day”, confirms the Catalonian mountain biker.

Of all the editions, her best memory is, with no doubt, the year in which she crossed the finish line with Clàudia Galicia setting the best time of the overall women’s category. She won that edition as a team and although Santanyes assumes that racing in couple has its own charm, it requires lots of understanding with the other person. “Luckily I have always found good team mates for the races, such as Clàudia Galicia in 2014 or Mayalen Noriega two years ago, with who we finished second”, remembers Santanyes.

“Although in the individual format you depend of yourself, with everything that means, in the Olympia team we’re very well looked after and have the best equipment and services, so we can set differences there”, assures Sandra Santanyes whose main goal is “to enjoyeach stage and compete for the race”.

The key, according to the most experienced rider in Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano, is pacing and the team so everything works well: “The combination of every little detail is what adds up and counts, and that’s what we do at the Olympia team; we work as a team and all in the same direction”

Sandra Santanyes, who in the past season won a UCI Marathon Series race and was second in another one, besides being second in La Rioja Bike Race presented by Shimano, is one of the legends of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano. Follow her progress from February 25th.





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