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31 Jan 2018

La Carloteña joins Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano

The company from Córdoba will offer all riders a final feed station in two very special stages

The company from Córdoba, La Carloteña, joins Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano and will offer all riders a final feed station in two very special stages, the fourth and queen, on the Day of Andalusia, and the sixth and last.

All the mountain bikers will also receive a picnic bag with products that have allowed La Carloteña to traspass borders in its industry and become a leading company in its business.

La Carloteña is a company closely connected to cycling. They have collaborated several times with sporting events and currently sponsor a cycling club in the town of La Carlota, Córdoba. It also carried out a traffic safety campaign on social media and gave stickers to drivers asking for respect to cyclists.

Clara Pecci, La Carloteña’s company manager indicates that “it’s very important for us to collaborate in one of Spain’s most important mountain biking events and we’re thrilled to be part of it this year”.

La Carloteña is a food manufacturer and expert in roasts since 1997, caring for the quality and food safety of its products. The company began launching “Carloteña chicken” twenty years ago and in this time has developed more than a hundred own recipies. Behind each one there’s a true “story to tell”. Pecci points out that “all our products are high quality so the bags will contain first class products. We want the athletes to feel looked after by us”.

The interest and well done work has taken them to expand in markets and countries, launching products every year, even creating a new category in the industry in which they are leaders.





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