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24 Oct 2018

We reward your loyalty!

Register for Andalucía Bike Race 2019 for only 300 €


If you’re an enthusiast of the BIKE RACE by Octagon Esedos events, you’re in luck!

Once the first 200 registrations at 300 € have sold out, we maintain you this entry fee if you fulfill any of the following requirements:


- Having raced at least twice in Andalucía Bike Race (since 2011).

- Having raced in at least three different BIKE RACE by Octagon Esedos (since 2011). 

- Having raced at least two BIKE RACE by Octagon Esedos in 2018.



- The events included in this special offer are: Andalucía Bike Race, La Rioja Bike Race, MMR Asturias Bike and GAES Catalunya Bike Race

- Send an e-mail to registration@andaluciabikerace.com indicating which BIKE RACE by Octagon Esedos and editions you’ve raced.

- Having checked it, we’ll send you a discount voucher which you’ll be able to exchange until November 18, 2018.


Thanks for your confidence,






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