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26 Jul 2018

Five million euros of economic impact

The figure confirms the injection of richness in the region

The economic impact report of the eighth edition of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano has been presented this morning, both at Córdoba and Jaén, with the attendance of Francisco Javier Fernández, Junta de Andalucía Tourism and Sport Minister; Antonio Ruiz, Deputy of Córdoba President; Francisco Reyes, Deputy of Jaén President; Isabel Ambrosio, Mayor of Córdoba; and Xavier Batrolí, Octagon Esedos President.

According to a study carried out by the University of Jaén and Kantar Media’s impact evaluation, Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano 2018 has generated an economic impact of five million euros, confirming the important injection of richness this event has on the region.

The Junta de Andalucía Tourism and Sport Minister, Francisco Javier Fernández, has highlighted that “Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano joins and gives opportunity to each of the Andalusian provinces. The numbers are very good, but only with the two million six hundred thousand euros value of the media impact that it offers, is a direct reinforcement for the Andalucía brand, and would justify any kind of investment”. He also adds that it’s not only an economic benefit for the province but also for tourism. "We believe that there is no expense here: there’s an investment in the territory, an investment in Andalusia and an investment in adapting to new tourism models and the demand of travelers, and this is our commitment", Fernández assured.

The President of the organising company, Xavier Bartrolí, said: “It's a project that is here, it’s here to stay and our conviction is to continue growing with the help of everyone".

For his part, Deputy of Córdoba President, Antonio Ruiz, said: We've always bet, because these events, apart from their sporting relevance, mean an essential diffusion of our land and that the media, athletes and visitors they congregate, imply a promotion of the touristic potential that these provinces can offer as destinations for inland tourism, besides it helps to show that we’re capable of hosting this type of international events”.

In the same line, the Tourism and Sport Minister, Juan Ángel Pérez, has confirmed: "This study comes to endorse what we have always defended from the different administrations that have collaborated in the organisation of this race, that is, that Andalusia Bike Race presented by Shimano is an extraordinary vehicle for touristic promotion and generation of wealth in a territory, not only for the number of riders, but also for the staff members and teams that meet and consume in the places in which it takes place, as well as by the people who come to watch this competition or who follow it from their homes”.

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