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03 Feb 2021

A memory to be framed

Book your photo pack before the race and you will receive your 2 daily best photos

Sportograf will be one more year the official photo partner in charge of capturing all the moments from the start to the finish in each of the stages. 

If you book the photo pack at the time of registration or before going to the event, you will save 10 €. 

The Foto-Flat is a personalised pack of photos of each rider that take part in the event, that will contain between 50 - 100 personal pgotos and a lot of generic impressions of the vent. To ensure that you are in all the photos taken by the photographers over the six days of the competition, you must make sure at all times that the front bib is correctly positioned (that the bib number can be seen correctly). 

They will capture your ups and downs, your smiles and tough times. Once the event is over, your photos will be online within the shortest time - sorted by bib number and professionally post-processed.

If you book for the Foto-Flat in advance, the price is 44,99€, if you book it once the competition is over, the price is 54,99€. 

If you have already registered and you haven't ordered your photo pack, send us an e-mail to registration@andaluciabikerace.com and we will arrange it for you.





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