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04 Apr 2019

A Cordovan delight to restore energies

La Carloteña will be present in the picnic bag and at the finish line

The Cordoban company La Carloteña will be in charge of supplying all riders, as well as being present in the Welcome Pack of all Mountain Bikers. All the participants will receive a picnic bag with products from La Carloteña with which they have managed to become a leading company in their sector.


In this edition and with the intention that Mountain Bikers feel at home, La Carloteña will include on the 'picnic' its highest quality products: Pollo Carloteña, a product with which the company started more than 20 years ago and that is an emblem of themselves.

La Carloteña is a company closely linked to the cycling. In many cases, they have collaborated with sporting events and currently sponsors a cycling club in the town of La Carlota, Córdoba. Linked to safe cycling, La Carloteña ran a campaign on social networks and distributed stickers to drivers asking respect for cyclists.





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