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25 Mar 2019

Relax at Hammam Al Ándalus Córdoba!

Reduced price for riders

All riders of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural de Jaén 2019 will be able to enjoy the Hammam Al Ándalus Córdoba Arabic baths at a reduced price during the days the race is in Córdoba. Another way and enjoy the city.

In the ancient Al Andalus, the public bath or Hammam, was one of the main social life centres. It was considered a ritual activity where the hygiene of the body was an act of religious purification. However, the bath was also a place of meeting, rest and relationship.

Adapted to our time but without losing the flavour of the time, all mountain bikers can enjoy exemplary facilities located a few meters from the mosque and in the heart of the city of Córdoba. These baths of caliphal architecture were the first open in the capital, and are already a true icon of Córdoba.

Recover at Hammam Al Ándalus Córdoba!





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