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20 Mar 2019

WUG chewable energy!

Its formula has immediate effect

All riders of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén will enjoy the WUG Energy + and WUG Militar functional gums, an ideal food supplement for extreme sports.

The company from Córdoba will be present at the awards ceremony, in the riders’ Race Pack and will dress all the event’s marshals.

The WUG functional chewing gums are made with plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, and contain steviol glycosides. The energetic WUG Energy+ with ginseng, caffeine and guarana, and the WUG Military with 150 mg caffeine, activate body and mind instantly, providing in less than five minutes an extra dose energy. Its effects increase concentration and resistance, and decrease fatigue in high intensity sports.


Chewing with ‘class’

The Andalusian company WUG Functional Gums is the first company to launch worldwide a food supplement that uses chewing gum as a vehicle for the administration of active ingredients, assimilating these through the mouth mucous, achieving an immediate effect and greater degree of absorption.

There’s a WUG for each moment: relaxing, tanning, invigorating, energetic or satiating. Check all its products and properties here; www.wugum.com.





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